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Meet our team

Anand Takale

A  sportsman to the core,  Anand is a swimmer, cyclist and runner! He loves the outdoors, and is always game for a hike around the Sahyadris! He has also been a water-polo player, and a cricketer. He has a special affinity towards sports technology and data analytics.

Anand has been running half-marathons since 2004. He has run one ultra and multiple full and half marathons. He has participated in every edition of Mumbai Marathon since 2006 (5 full and 10 half marathons). He has also completed various multi-disciplinary events including olympic distance triathlons, half-iron distance triathlons and Enduro3. He has an impeccable knack of pacing and has paced on multiple occasions.

Anand has been mentoring for more than 5 years. In addition to his own training, he has also helped few triathletes to train for the Half Ironman and Ironman. He has also been a mentor with Pune Running’s ‘Leap of Faith’ program in 2012. With his quiet demeanor and steely resolve, Anand is one of the best persons to train with!

He can be reached at:
at at runningpotential dot com 

Anand Hatwalne

Anand started running back in 2004 for fitness, and since then he cannot think of a life without running.
He is especially drawn towards the exercise and physiology aspects of running. He is an avid follower of many scientific journals and publications that track latest developments in exercise science, and therefore loves connecting the dots between seemingly (un)related areas under research.

Anand has run 4 marathons (PR: 3:20 hrs in Mumbai) and numerous half marathons (PR: 1:29 hrs in New Delhi). He chooses to race very selectively, as he thinks that training for the race gives him immense opportunities to experiment and a unique joy of discovering things that can’t be achieved by a race itself. He has been training with HR for over a decade and has added HRV and Running Powermeter to the mix a few years ago.

Anand is a public speaker, having delivered many talks on various aspects of running, racing, usage of technology and exercise physiology for endurance sports. He was invited multiple times to talk on above topics at prestigious institutes in India such as National Defense Academy (NDA), Army War College (AWC) in Mhow and College of Military Engineering (CME), Pune. He also was invited to address Indian Army camp in Missamari, Assam. Anand was an officially appointed pacer for a few local races.

Recently, Anand was chosen as a Mentor under the ambassador program for 2019 launched by HRV4Training.

He can be reached at  :
ah at runningpotential dot com

Aditya Kelkar
Aditya has been around sports since school, playing football, tennis and badminton. He has also been trekking for a few years. Post some fallow years, sports-wise, he started playing squash and racquetball. Come 2005, during a game of racquetball with a little coaxing from his game partners, Aditya decided to run the 2005 Philadelphia marathon. Since then, he has run several full and half marathons. He is one of the few Indians to have run the awesome Marathon du Mont Blanc trail marathon. He is also an avid cyclist, and on occasions, participates in triathlons as well. Aditya has been a podium finisher at the first edition of the Deccan Half iron distance triathlon in Kolhapur. Aditya has recently developed an interest in working on his own bicycles through DIY modifications. It is through his running and cycling activities that Aditya got into entrepreneurship and set up his own sports apparel company ‘apace‘. He can be reached at: ak at runningpotential dot com