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Running Potential

About Us

Running Potential is the baby of a seasoned group of runners in Pune, India.

We are as much as (or probably more) passionate and crazy about Running than you are!

With many Full Marathons, and numerous Half Marathons under our collective belt, we have extensive experience in training for, planning for and executing a long distance running race.

We firmly believe in a structured and scientific approach to training.

We believe in ‘training smard’ i.e. not only training hard, but training smart as well!

  • Confused about running?
  • Want to run fast but don’t know whether or can you?
  • Want to run just for fitness?
  • Competitive Runner – looking for elusive Sub-2:00 Half Marathon or a Sub-4:00 Full Marathon?
  • Advanced Runner – Want to run a Sub 3:30 Full Marathon?

We’ve got you covered. We have even produced a Boston Qualifier (BQ) in 2015 !


Running Potential offers various training options depending on your goals
For enrollments, please click 'Learn More'. Submit your running history/background and goals. You would hear from us then.
Half yearly Training Program

6 months duration

Yearly Training Program

Full year program


Please get in touch!


Running Potential recommends following resources
Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

This talk explores a data driven approach to improving Athletic Performance.

It will familiarize you with the basics of HRV and why and how you should care about it.

Running Physiology Primer

Running Potential presentation at Athletic Insights.

This talk is aimed at the beginners who want to get better at running.

Think Long To Run Long

With Athletic Insights.

It will help recreational athletes and anyone serious about running with long term planning.

Effective Use of Technology in Training and Racing

In association with Garmin India with Athletic Insights.

Want to become a better athlete with the use of technology? This is for you!

Smart Heart Rate Training

Familiarize yourself with training with Heart Rate and incorporating Heart Rate Variability (HRV) in Training.

More resources

Explore these and more resources here:


Off and on, we get to hear from the runners we coach. It feels great to hear from the other side of the table.
Smita Patil (Podium finisher)

"Running Potential came in at the right time. Boosting fortitude and confidence in a 50 plus year old myself, especially since I was being told by everyone around me to take it easy."

Vivek Shende (Feb 2018)

"All founders of RP are extremely knowledgeable and they help you become informed runners too. Their approach is to not give you a fish in hand, but to teach you how to fish."

Drop us a line


You could meet us up at the following location in Pune, India.

AH Loop – near Mhatre Bridge/DP Road junction – on select weekdays

Please make sure to contact us first!


For online Bank/NEFT transfer of fees:

Name: Running Potential 

Bank: HDFC Bank

Branch: Bhandarkar Road , Pune

Account: 50200013336649