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Running Potential offers various training options depending on your goals.

For enrollments, please visit the form by clicking your choice of button! You would hear from us then.

Half Yearly Training 

New in this year 2020, we are opening a Half Yearly training program. This requires a 6 months of commitment typically towards a targeted race at the end of it. 

The program can begin at any month, such that the target date coincides with the 6 months period out from it.

This training is typically recommended for an intermediate to advanced runner who is trying to do a structured training towards a goal race. It’s expected that the runner has some running experience – and is not a total newbie.

If this interests, you please register your interest. here. Depending on whether your application gets selected, we will be getting in touch!




Yearly Training Program

1. General aerobic base building

2. Goal setting for the year (setting targets and target races)

3. Weekly running schedule for the entire year

4. Personalized pacing plan and nutrition strategy for target races

5. One Running Potential technical T-shirt

6. Free access to any of Running Potential talks/seminars that we may conduct during the year 

7. Nutritional consultation

8. Sports Medicine/ Physio consultation

9. Running form check

10. Advice on strength training to correct weaker muscles and muscle groups

11. Additionally, any new offering Running Potential may come up with during the year for the targeted events will be offered at no cost to you.

Program is Open for New Enrollments for the year 2021 The seats will be limited. Unfortunately we cannot promise you a spot ahead of time.


Interested in training for triathlons? Please get in touch with us!

In case we are full…

If you wish to be considered the next time we are open for enrollment, please feel free to fill out this questionnaire by clicking the button below (Please choose appropriate entry from the drop down box on the form that opens).